Car Service Specials in North Attleboro MA

Brake Service Special

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Oil Change Special

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Tire Special

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Remote Start Special

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0% Financing Available

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Battery Special

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Differential Service Special

Service Interval Special

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There are some spectacular deals available at Boch Toyota South, and they include more than those tied to our well-engineered vehicles. We offer a broad, useful, and ever-changing array of service specials so that your journey on the road ahead is as affordable as the one off of our lot. Here, we’ll detail the many ways that our cherished customers can save money on all kinds of service operations.

Service Operation Specials

Most dealerships offer some sort of service operation special, but Boch Toyota South offers oil change and tire rotation deals that grant aid to children in need. We proudly offer these seasonal giveback specials to benefit both our valued customers and the less fortunate. Here are a few of the major types of service operation specials that we might have on offer at any given time.

ToyotaCare Maintenance Plans

ToyotaCare Maintenance Plans are among the best ways to maintain your cherished Toyota vehicle at minimal cost to you. These no-cost maintenance plans are valid for two years or 25,000 miles, whichever comes first. The related roadside assistance services are good for two years and unlimited mileage. Qualifying maintenance services include engine oil and oil filter changes, multi-point inspections, tire rotations, fluid level inspections/top-offs/replacements, Toyota OEM parts replacements, and more. Qualifying roadside assistance operations include battery jumping, lock-out reversal, tire service, towing service, winching service, and emergency fuel delivery. We offer deals on these plans and their related plan extensions.

Transmission Service Offers

Transmission repairs and replacements are among the most complicated and expensive service operations we handle at Boch Toyota South. They tend to range from $1,800 to $3,400, depending on the model year and transmission in question. With expensive repairs like these, even a small percentage off can make a big difference. No road vehicle can operate properly without a functional transmission, so if you encounter anything odd while your Toyota is shifting gears, bring it into our service center as quickly as possible. Delays allow the gears to grind harder over time, making problems more serious and expensive to handle.

Engine Tune-Up Service Offers

Maintaining a well-tuned engine considerably increases the operational lifespan of a vehicle. It can also ensure the engine runs at its factory horsepower and torque ratings. An engine that is never tuned can lose 10% to 15% of its total horsepower and torque ratings. Tuning also increases fuel efficiency.

Engine tune-up services generally include air filter replacement, fuel filter replacement, PCV valve replacement, spark plug replacement, and a thorough fuel system cleaning. Every engine we service is inspected visually to ensure that it is acting as it should. If the timing of the engine is off, it can be reset to factory standards.

Battery Service Offers

There are some major signs that your battery needs servicing or replacement. Electrical systems may activate slowly or cease to work entirely, head and tail lights may run dimly, and engines may start more slowly and turn over more hesitantly when battery issues are involved. If you need to repeatedly jump-start your vehicle to keep it rolling, the odds are that your battery needs servicing. Our service center has access to every battery type that Toyota vehicles use, so you’re sure to receive the right one every time you come in for battery service.

Upgrade and Performance Specials

Our service specials list wouldn’t be complete without mentioning our upgrade and performance improvement specials. One of our most popular upgrade specials involves the installation of a key fob remote start system installation. This allows drivers to activate or deactivate their valued Toyota from a distance.

Some of our other specials are geared towards maximizing your Toyota’s performance. They include deals on services that are meant to keep higher mileage vehicles running well. These deals often get better the higher your Toyota mileage gets. For instance, we’ve offered these deals at 10% off for vehicles with over 100,000 miles and 15% off for those with over 150,000 miles.

Specials on Vital Inspections, Checks, and Cleanings

Few things are more dreaded by drivers than the nefarious check engine light. The list of reasons why this indicator can switch on is very long and includes issues from the cheapest and easiest to fix to the most expensive and time-consuming tasks. When you come into Boch Toyota South looking for answers, we’ll gladly help you figure out why your indicator is on at no cost to you. You’ll be provided with a detailed diagnostic report covering everything our computer finds in relation to the alert.

Air conditioning and heating systems need care over time, or they’ll end up with efficiency-hampering blockages or other issues. Our experienced service professionals are capable of deconstructing Toyota heating and air systems and their related ducts in their entirety, so we’ll find the problem no matter where it lies. Thermal expansion valves, ducts, driers, accumulators, evaporators, condensers, and compressors can be covered by these kinds of deals.

The Perks of Service from Boch Toyota South

When you come into Boch Toyota South for vehicle service, you’ll be treated like family. We do everything we can to minimize the stress of service situations and gladly offer our valued patrons a comfortable waiting area. We can help you find a temporary replacement vehicle if your Toyota’s service requirements are more long-term. No matter what you need, our kind and attentive, professional staff is here to help. Special deals may be available for students and the honorable members of our nation’s armed services, so ask our people for details.

Boch Toyota South is honored to be of service to the people of North Attleboro, Providence, and the surrounding areas. We have served the people of Massachusetts and Rhode Island for many years and hope to continue to do so for many, many years to come. Don’t pass up the grand deals available at our service center, and make sure you check our website or contact us for updates on new deals as they become available.