Toyota RAV4 Pawtucket, RI

The Pros and Cons of Leasing a Toyota RAV4 in Pawtucket, RI

Anyone who owns or has owned a Toyota knows what a high-quality, reliable vehicle this manufacturer produces. When you’re ready to shop for a new Toyota RAV4 in Pawtucket, RI, you have three choices: buy it with cash, purchase it through a loan, or lease it. Many customers can’t pay cash, so the loan and leasing options are probably your best bets. If you’re interested in leasing, you need to understand the benefits and drawbacks of this method.  

Lower Costs

When it comes to purchasing a Toyota RAV4 or any other vehicle, the cost is at or near the top of the list. One of the great things about leasing is that you will pay less per month than you would with a loan. This is because you’ll pay according to how much the car will depreciate over the next three years instead of what the car is currently worth. Also, with a lease, you won’t have to pay as much in registration fees or taxes. 

Always Have Something New

Leases always give you a new car, so if you continue to lease every three years, you won’t ever have to worry about driving a used car. For those who only want to have new cars, this is a huge benefit. Once your three-year lease is up, you simply return the car to the dealership in Pawtucket, RI, or wherever else you signed the lease. Then, you can lease another vehicle. You won’t have to deal with the hassle of selling to a private buyer. 


You will have a limit on how many miles you can drive per year when you lease a Toyota RAV4. Most dealers will restrict you to 12,000 miles a year. If you exceed that, you must pay a penalty. This can be a difficult guideline if you usually drive many miles per day and month. Also, you can modify your car in any way when you lease. 

You Need Great Credit

If you evaluate your credit and find that your score is less than ideal, you shouldn’t even bother looking at a lease. To lease in Pawtucket, RI, you need a high credit score. This requirement can disqualify many customers from getting into the lease they’re hoping for. 

Leasing a Toyota RAV4 is an option that intrigues many shoppers in Pawtucket, RI. When you’re interested in leasing one of these vehicles, come to Boch Toyota South and talk to a representative today. 


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